23 & 30 Sept, 7 Oct, 10.30-12.30

Selling and pricing the Win Without Pitching® (WWP) way is a tried and tested approach that has helped hundreds of creative businesses around the world get new clients and close the sale. If you’re new to the approach or want a valuable refresher, this three part series will unlock the practical behaviours, actions and techniques that will overhaul your methods and increase your profit margins.

In three in-depth sessions, Aileen Dempsey, EMEA Coach at WWP will expertly guide you through the key principles in the Win Without Pitching and Pricing Creativity manifestos. Starting with selling, you'll work through the six key principles to keep in mind during the buyer’s journey, understanding the four conversations that take place during the arc of the sale and how to adopt the right mindset and behaviour. The second session will look at the five levels of pricing success, helping you understand where you are now and how you can embrace new techniques to maximise returns. Finally, we’ll explore the concept of value based pricing and learn why some firms transcend pricing limits and enter the highest tier of financial success, no longer having to grow their business to grow their profits. With these game-changing methods under your belt, there’s no limit to what you might achieve. Join us and transform your business the Win Without Pitching® way.

We will cover

  • The buyer's journey

    Understanding the arc of the sale and how to meet them where they are.

  • Getting in the driver's seat

    How to overcome objections and how to say 'no'.

  • The power of conversations

    Why embracing silence is a superpower.

  • Pricing principles

    Understanding different risk levels and ways of doing business in design.

  • Identifying where you are now

    And how to move up through the levels.

  • Exploring progressive pricing

    Offering options and high anchors to deliver meaningful results.

  • Value based pricing

    What is it and what are the fundamental principles?

  • Mastering the WWP mindset

    Making the shift and understanding what it means for your business.

Three, 90-minute sessions

Session one covers business development the Win Without Pitching® way. Session two focuses on the five levels of pricing success that will grow your engagements and increase your profits. Session three explores how you can move beyond the billable hour and charge for the value you create for your clients.

You will gain

  • Key insights into the buyer journey and new perspectives on selling.

  • Hints and tips you can put to use immediately in your next sales conversation.

  • In depth perspectives on pricing and alternative ways of doing business.

  • An understanding of your present situation and how to maximise returns right now.

  • The confidence, knowledge and skills to embrace value based pricing

“For those who understand and embrace value based pricing, there is no limit to what you might charge and earn”. Blair Enns

Pricing Creativity: A Guide to Profit Beyond the Billable Hour

Meet your trainer

Aileen Dempsey

Aileen Dempsey is the EMEA Coach at Win Without Pitching®, a sales training organisation focused on creative professionals founded by Blair Enns. The Win Without Pitching® approach empowers owners and their teams to win more business at higher margins and lower cost of sale. Whether working with individuals or teams, from founders to CEO’s, Aileen’s experience, at the intersection of design and business in roles spanning Head of Design to Executive Director, provides a deep understanding of the challenges design businesses face. Recent projects include establishing Design Skillnet - the Professional Development arm of the Institute of Designers in Ireland and the Design Leaders Conference. Aileen holds an MBA in Design Management from the University of Westminster and is an Advisory Council member of the Design Management Institute.

“We are at the root of our free-pitching problem and we alone have the power to free ourselves from the pitch”

Blair Enns, The Win Without Pitching Manifesto

Pricing options

DBA members receive a discount off the standard price. To talk to us about joining the DBA, email membership@dba.org.uk

Previous feedback for Aileen

Without a doubt, the training with Aileen has boosted my business. We have won several branding projects, simply because I have become better at listening to client needs and then matching our skills accordingly. That was so useful. I’ve been able to create higher value for my client base.

Anne Brady, Director, Vermillion Design

Their in-house training has been excellent. As a result, we’re taking a whole new approach to attracting and winning new business. We have successfully won projects through the skills taught across all of our teams.

Joanne Nolan, HR Lead, Boys + Girls

Win Without Pitching is all about throwing out your perceptions about the norms, habits and tics of the creative industry that hold us all back. Aileen knows the mind of creative entrepreneurs really well and helps navigate the choppy waters between our current and future states with calmness but also a firm hand.

Stephen Quinn, CEO & Founder, Atomic