Your agency website is where prospects come to discover more about your business. We know from the latest 'What Clients Think' Report that 93% of clients believe speed and easy navigation of an agency website is extremely important. Does your website influence design buyers and ultimately help you win more new business?

It’s never easy to see beyond the perspective of your own agency. This training workshop, with DBA Expert and Founder of Up to the Light Jonathan Kirk, is grounded in the exclusive knowledge gained from hundreds of client interviews conducted on behalf of design agencies. You’ll get under the skin of what clients are looking for when they view agency websites and how to present your work in a way that demonstrates your expertise in solving their business challenges. Jonathan will share common pitfalls and success factors that you can adapt to your own business and sectors. He'll highlight what other agencies are doing well and what you can learn from the latest trends using bang up to date client feedback and a review of different approaches to the agency website. Join us online and make your website work harder.

We will cover

  • Communicating with clarity

    How to quickly and effectively communicate what you do best and your point of difference.

  • The crown jewels

    Effective ways to display and talk about your work in a way that speaks to prospective clients.

  • What clients are looking for

    How they use sites, what they look for and want to see, what irritates and what impresses.

  • Expressing your point of view

    Ways to present your stance on topical issues important to prospective clients.

  • Design agency best practice

    Exploring what you can learn from the competition and the agency latest trends.

  • Making your website work harder

    How to optimise the relationship between website and marketing content.

You will gain

  • An up to date perspective on agency websites, so that you can view your own website with a greater degree of context against industry best practice.

  • A better understanding of the client viewpoint, their needs and ways to use this knowledge to your advantage when reviewing your website.

  • Practical tips to maximise the impact and effect of different areas of your site.

  • Advice on how to proactively review your website and make the changes that will have the most impact.

Meet your trainer

Jonathan Kirk

Jonathan is the founder of Up to the Light. The consultancy advises a significant proportion of the UK’s top 100 design agencies across a wide range of issues concerned with business growth and improvement. As the leading supplier of client surveys to the UK design industry, their insight into the client/agency relationship is unrivalled. For the last 10 years Up to the Light has published the influential ‘What Clients Think’ report. This year’s report is based on 675 client interviews conducted on behalf of design agencies and is a revealing snapshot of the client/agency relationship. As well as advising agencies, Up to the Light is also a brand consultancy that provides brand positioning and strategy for clients. So many consultants become theorists and teachers, slightly removed from reality, but Jonathan is continually involved at the sharp end presenting, pitching and delivering high profile strategic work for brands. This is of huge benefit to his clients. He is a regular conference speaker and trade press contributor and is a founder member of the DBA’s Experts Register.

Pricing options

DBA members receive a discount off the standard price. To talk to us about joining the DBA, email [email protected]

Previous feedback for Jonathan

Jonathan has invaluable insight into the relationship between agencies and clients. His views are founded in genuine knowledge and he applies them with great skill.

Steve Pearce, Client Services Director, Imagination

A great opportunity to gain knowledge of the industry first hand from someone with lengthy and varied experience.

Beck Hanson, Account Director, Elmwood