Five, 90-minute sessions over five months

This bundle of courses includes:

Leading Change

With Ralph Ardill

Leading change and improving your team's performance has never been more important. Yet with 70% of change efforts falling flat, join us to find out how to beat the odds and successfully lead your team and your business and shore up future growth and success.

Gravitas and Influence

With Catherine Allison

What is gravitas? What does it feel like and how do you know if you’ve got it? This workshop transforms your presence as a leader, developing the behaviours that boost your credibility and establishing you clearly and visibly as an expert as you interact with those around you.

Personal Purpose and Authenticity

With Emma Collins

Understanding your personal purpose and living that authenticity is key to leading successful teams and businesses. It’s about understanding what drives you, what motivates you and whether that is congruent with who you are in the workplace.

Leading People

With Sue Shaw

How can you create and sustain a culture of high performance within your team, understanding people’s motivations, needs and interests and bringing their expertise together for the good of the business? The way you lead your people has a big impact.


With Laura Bartlett

Never has personal resilience been so crucial for leaders in business as it is today - it’s the quality that will help you move from survival mode to truly thriving, giving you the flexibility and courage to navigate difficult times with confidence.