Understanding your personal purpose and living that authentically builds connection, trust and collaboration - key elements of successful teams and businesses. It’s about understanding what drives you, what motivates you and whether that is congruent with who you are in the workplace.

What’s more, authenticity feels good - living by one’s values is empowering, better for our health and helps us grow. One of the positives of the past year has been that we have been encouraged, if not required, to become a little more human - more authentic. We got to see through the square window of our screens into each others’ homes. Children and animals would show up with frequent amusement or frustration and we had to admit we did not have all the answers! Even despite this however, we all struggle at different times to be our true selves. Our fear of failing, looking a fool, our needs to please or impress, or our internal beliefs that are deep in our psyche can all get in the way. Leaning into that vulnerability with awareness and intention is a skill that can be developed.

This workshop covers

  • Authentic leadership

    What does it mean to be authentic?

  • Finding your purpose

    And its relation to your role as a leader.

  • Mine for your values

    Learn how they inform your authentic self.

  • Uncovering hidden beliefs

    Discover the hidden beliefs that are holding you back.

  • Identifying areas of challenge

    Where are you not authentic?

  • Understanding the power of vulnerability

    Turn what can feel like weaknesses into strengths.

You will gain

  • A clear understanding of the benefits of authenticity for you in your role.

  • The ability to realise how your truest self connects with your sense of purpose.

  • An understanding of how authenticity and purpose can connect you more deeply with your teams and colleagues.

  • A better understanding of your real self, and how your responses and actions reflect from this.

Meet your trainer

Emma Collins

Hugely passionate about people potential and creativity, Emma is relentlessly committed to enabling leaders and their teams to become more conscious, confident and connected. Previously MD at Bristol agency Home, Emma understands the challenges creative leaders and teams face. Emma brings 30+ years experience in a range of marketing and leadership roles combined with strategic clarity, intuition, presence and love to her work as an Exec Leadership & Team Coach. She set up her own business in 2006 with the intention of helping creatives, agencies and cultural organisations flourish and hasn’t looked back since. Emma established the design start-up incubator space Spike Design and was also Chair of West of England Design Forum. Recent clients include BBC iPlayer & Sounds Leadership Teams. When she’s not helping creatives, she gets her joy from sequins, festivals, dancing to cheesy 80’s tracks with her resistant 17 year old daughter in the kitchen (lockdown style) savouring a robin in song and the beauty of spring tulips collapsing.

Previous feedback for Emma

"She’s energetic, bright, and above all, just a lovely person to be around. Emma is not afraid to ask those difficult and sometimes challenging questions – she helps you move forward."

Jonathan Sands, OBE, Elmwood

"She cut through the fog in a nano second."

Rebecca Price, Frank, Bright & Abel