2nd & 9th March, 10:30-12:00

Being effective for our colleagues, clients and for the business we work in requires us to be effective and efficient for ourselves first. But with so much to juggle at any given time, it can sometimes feel as if there are simply not enough hours in the day.

In order to become a time management expert, you first need to know and understand yourself, your habits and your preferences. This is the foundation from which you start to find a better, more efficient and productive way forward at both an individual and team level. This two-part workshop will explore your relationship with prioritisation, habits, boundaries and expectations and identify the key productivity strengths and barriers in your individual and team patterns. Join this highly interactive and lively workshop and leave with the practical knowledge to transform your working day.

This two-part workshop covers

  • The most common pitfalls for productivity

    Overcome them and identify your strengths.

  • Effective prioritisation

    What does this look like on a good or a bad day?

  • ‘Urgent’ versus ‘Important’

    Two little words, one big difference

  • Aligning expectations and outcomes

    And developing stronger personal boundaries.

  • Identifying your ‘prime time’ for certain work

    Craft your day to sustain positive habits

  • Managing interruptions

    How to remain focused and how to get the focus back.

You will gain

  • Reconnection with your most productive and purposeful self.

  • A commitment to positive habits that will propel you and your team forward.

  • The ability to push back with empathy and confidence.

  • The know-how to better manage your own and others’ expectations.

  • The skills to identify what’s important before you even begin your day.

Course structure

  • Tuesday 2 March 2021 10:30-12:00

    During the first session, we will identify your signature strengths and the most common pitfalls for productivity - think perfectionism, overcommitment, etc. We will discuss prioritisation and what this looks like for you on a good and bad day, clarify ‘urgent’ versus ‘important’, and commit to something different that will help you manage your time better.

  • Tuesday 9 March 2021 10:30-12:00

    During the second session we look at how to align expectations and outcomes, identify your ‘prime time’ for certain types of work, and discuss how to remain focused and ways to get the focus back. We'll look at how to manage interruptions, how to develop stronger personal boundaries, and set your commitment to sustaining positive habits.

Meet your trainer

Jenny McConnell

Jenny McConnell is a seasoned global user experience design leader and sought-after executive coach. She has been partnering with teams via Zoom for more than three years and face to face for twenty years. Jenny enables people globally to take the inner and outer steps required to experience breakthrough in their working lives. Prior to forming her own coaching consultancy at www.jennyconsults.com, Jenny helped to transform PayPal from startup to a multi-billion dollar company. She brings a deep understanding of the complex challenges and opportunities within some of the world's fastest moving environments. Jenny’s skilled interventions support individuals and teams from all around the world to take action and become the best that they can be. Her clients include creative agencies and teams at eBay, LinkedIn, BBC, Nike, Liberty IT, KPMG and Accenture. She is educated to Postgraduate level in Business and Executive Coaching and is on the leadership team of the Association for Coaching, which has members in 75+ countries.

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Previous feedback for Jenny

Jenny is insightful, creative, reliable and dedicated. She is a rare find with her skilled, professional approach and inspiring personality.

Nicole Clement-Reynier, Project Manager, Number 41 Media

Jenny is dynamic, collaborative, a great communicator and listener. She leads meetings, workshops and presentations effortlessly, and is adept at bringing together different personalities and viewpoints within teams.

Tim McEvilly, Experience Design Director, Nice Agency

Jenny has great talent in guiding and helping colleagues to thrive and develop as much as possible.

Dominic Raths, Senior Screen Designer, CPS-IT GmbH