There has never been greater need for business change than there is now, in order to shore up future growth and success. But the inconvenient truth is that transforming your team performance or your business is hard and over 70% of change efforts - no matter how well-intentioned - fail.

No matter your size, shape, design discipline or team culture, leading change is one of the toughest calls to answer, but one of the most rewarding and valuable achievements when it succeeds. Kicking off our five session leadership course in this 90 min masterclass, Ralph Ardill will draw upon his 25 years of top-level client consulting and agency leadership experience to share some thought-provoking pointers and practical tips and tools to beat the odds and successfully lead your team and your business for the future. Join your peers as we journey through these transformational workshops and master the answers to those killer leadership questions.

This workshop covers

  • Leading change in creative businesses

    Why it's so hard and how to make it succeed.

  • Designing a successful transformation project

    Understanding how to change.

  • The eight drivers of future success

    Understanding what to change.

  • Understanding and over-coming the ‘enemies within'

    Identifying the hidden barriers.

  • The tell-tale sign that change is struggling

    Spotting the dangers and mitigating their impact.

  • Being the leader of transformation

    What you personally need to bring to the process.

You will gain

  • A clear understanding of why leading change through your business is so hard, and how to overcome that.

  • The insight into what causes change efforts to fail and how you can lead your team to success.

  • The know-how to beat the odds and make real change happen.

  • A new approach to your leadership.

Meet your trainer

Ralph Ardill

Ralph is an internationally recognised independent expert on brand transformation, culture change and experience design. He is also a respected writer and speaker with over 30 years experience in the creative industries on both client and agency side. Today Ralph’s passion is for harnessing everything he’s learned from what he calls his “30-year apprenticeship” to work with ambitious corporate clients and design businesses who are looking to beat the 70% odds against successful change to transform their brands, businesses and people. In doing so Ralph works as a board-level instigator for change bringing his highly pragmatic and personal fusion of management consulting, brand strategy, experience design and change management to help his clients orchestrate and deliver accelerated brand-led, people-centred and design-inspired transformation and growth across the total experience – inside and out - of their businesses.

Previous feedback for Ralph

A very informative and thought provoking presentation that has left me inspired and keen to implement in my business.

Simon de Kretser, Partner, FdK Design Consultant

Extremely insightful and very well structured; you walk away with a clear methodology.

Antoine Gandy, Managing/Design Director, Point 6

Sessions in the Reimagining Leadership course

This workshop is the first in a five-part series. Here's what else is included:

  • Gravitas & Influence with Catherine Allison

    This workshop will transform your presence as a leader, developing the behaviours that boost your credibility and establishing you clearly and visibly as an expert as you interact with those around you.

  • Purpose & Authenticity with Emma Collins

    Understanding your personal purpose and living that authenticity is key to leading successful teams and businesses. It’s about understanding what drives you, what motivates you and whether that is congruent with who you are in the workplace.

  • Leading People with Sue Shaw

    How can you create and sustain a culture of high performance within your team, understanding people’s motivations, needs and interests and bringing their expertise together for the good of the business? The way you lead your people has a big impact.

  • Resilience with Laura Bartlett

    Never has personal resilience been so crucial for leaders in business as it is today - it’s the quality that will help you move from survival mode to truly thriving, giving you the flexibility and courage to navigate difficult times with confidence.