A strong and relevant business culture prioritises the behaviours essential to the success of your business. It’s a way of working that helps you attract and retain great people and deliver your best work. For the past year whilst we’ve not been able to come together, how we feel and experience our business culture has changed.

Vital considerations around creating environments where diversity, inclusion and creativity can flourish have rightly been acknowledged and prioritised. Now, as we move forward it’s going to be vitally important to reinforce the culture you want to emerge from this period with; to strengthen your business and build on the resilience you’ve created in the past year and enable people to find more joy in their working life. In this workshop, Aliya will explore what the critical building blocks are to create working culture where everyone flourishes. She’ll explore what new working models will require from a cultural perspective in order for people to feel more connected and share practical ideas you can implement in your organisation to create and sustain a culture that is true to the foundation of your business and mirrors the image of the business you want to create.

This workshop covers

  • The critical elements to building a strong and sustainable organisational culture

    And how you can ensure your culture is ready to adapt.

  • Building a strong learning environment which encourages diversity and inclusion

    Creating an environment where everyone flourishes.

  • Ways to make your team feel truly connected, valued, and heard

    Empowering your people to help set the agenda and influence how work is done.

  • The impact our own biases may have at work and how to overcome these challenges as a team

    Practices that support diversity and inclusion within a business.

  • Discovering what brings people joy in the work they do everyday

    And how to incorporate this into your business culture and keep the momentum going.

You will gain

  • A thorough understanding of how company values and behaviours weave into a culture framework.

  • Practical steps to building a strong social and learning environment that supports diversity, inclusion and creativity.

  • The knowledge of how to measure the impact of culture at work and make improvements.

  • Clarity around what more you could be doing to build and sustain an adaptable organisational culture.

  • What to do with the information you gather on your journey and how to continuously incorporate it into your business culture.

Meet your trainer

Aliya Vigor-Robertson

Aliya has over 20 years of HR experience working with founder-run businesses across the creative and marketing industries, influencing leaders to shape their people practices and organisational culture to make great places to work. She They understands the balancing act between creative delivery, business profitability and talent (attraction and retention). She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience in the industry as a DBA Expert and a role model with Media For All (MEFA). Aliya regularly shares insights and guidance in publications such as The Times Raconteur and Creativepool.

Previous feedback for Aliya

Aliya was engaging, approachable and had proper tangible techniques you can start using straight away.

Jane Darnell, Account Director, 10 Associates

Aliya was incredibly professional and her knowledge in this field was so extensive - such a great, informative course!

David Gould, Account Manager, Point 6