Great marketing raises your profile with your target audience, putting your design business, creative credentials and capabilities where your potential clients are. If you get your individual mix of assets and channels right, it will fuel your new business pipeline with qualified leads, support client development and simultaneously help you retain and attract the best talent in your business.

But how do you cut through the noise and create memorable campaigns? How do you decide which of the myriad of channels and platforms to focus on? And more importantly – how do you measure success? Over four in-depth sessions, DBA Expert Lucy Mann, of Gunpowder Consulting, will guide you through the building blocks required to elevate your agency marketing to superstar levels. We begin with strategy; defining your prospects and how to turn them into customers, ensuring you have a clear set of objectives at the outset. Session two explores how content has evolved beyond thought leadership and how to create the right assets to connect with your audience. In the third session we'll define your marketing channels, exploring what options are out there and where should you focus your attention. And in the fourth and final session, you will set the right KPIs to measure performance and maintain momentum. Join us online and transform your approach to marketing for greater impact.

We will cover

  • Setting your marketing strategy

    Identifying where to focus your attention for maximum returns and how to set clear and meaningful objectives.

  • Audience mapping

    Who should we be targeting? Where is our audience?

  • Creating your assets

    Looking at best practice beyond thought leadership.

  • Defining your channels

    How can your assets live and be repurposed on different channels.

  • Measurement and momentum

    Setting KPIs and making it happen.

Course structure

  • Tuesday 16 November, 10:30-12:00, Setting your strategy

    Tactical marketing can work wonders but unless you have a clear set of objectives and a strategy to meet them, it’s hard to sustain performance or to measure our success. The first session will explore writing your strategy. How to set clear and meaningful objectives, sense checking your proposition – are you selling a list of services or addressing client needs, who should you be targeting and where is your audience?

  • Thursday 18 November, 10:30-12:00, Creating your assets

    Now you understand your strategy you can consider the marketing assets you need to create to appeal to your audience. Content marketing has developed in recent years and there are plenty of options to consider to make sure you stand out. The second session will cover what makes a good content asset, how to go from case studies to thought leadership and beyond, how to co-create content for maximum impact and creating your content plan.

  • Tuesday 23 November, 10:30-12:00, Defining your channels

    Getting the right channel mix is critical to campaign effectiveness, and with so many to choose from, where should you start? The third session will define how to create your campaign channel map, how to repurpose your content, we'll explore the user journey to maximise engagement and collecting marketing data.

  • Thursday 25 November, 10:30-12:00, Measurement and momentum

    Many agency marketing campaigns fail because we set the wrong KPIs. Looking for short term business wins before the campaign has a chance to generate traction. The fourth and final session will look at how to set meaningful KPIs. We'll explore what you should measure and why, how to get the team involved to build momentum and the benefit of buildable campaigns and repeatable content.

You will gain

  • In depth perspectives on best practice in marketing tactics for your design business.

  • The confidence, knowledge and skills to create and sustain your own tailored marketing strategy and plan.

  • Ideas for creating memorable marketing assets that will attract interest from prospective clients.

  • Tools to measure performance over time and the ability to use the knowledge from your data to develop your marketing approach.

  • Practical hints and tips for creating quick wins.

Meet your trainer

Lucy Mann

Lucy helps agencies optimise their new business performance. As Gunpowder, she helps agencies leverage their assets, get clearer visibility of revenue potential and take control of the new business process. Drawing on 30 years’ new business experience, Lucy works with agencies to create workable new business and marketing strategies and plans, mentors in house new business teams and helps client service teams build deeper, more profitable relationships. A big believer in using marginal gains to unlock new business paralysis, Lucy is a DBA Expert and the creator and host of the Small Spark Theory new business podcast.

Previous feedback for Lucy

“Great insight and structure of discussion.”

Chris Hodgen, Managing Director, Absolute

“Lots of useful tangible takeaways - Lucy was great!”

Anastasia Grawe, Account Director, Construct London