Tues 19 & Thurs 21 March, 10:30-12:00 GMT

Presenting is an essential skill when you're working in design. Whether you're vying for a new client, sharing a groundbreaking idea, or looking to inspire and excite your team, the way you present your message to your audience is crucial to getting the results you need.

Transform the way you communicate and captivate and persuade your audience with confidence, influence, and authority. Covering both in-person and online presenting, this practical and energising two-session workshop will give you the tools you need to structure the most engaging and impactful presentations that leave a lasting impact and ultimately get clients to sign on the dotted line. This workshop will transform your approach to presenting, developing the behaviours that boost your confidence and credibility and establishing you clearly and visibly as an expert as you interact with those around you. We'll explore everything involved in creating and leading high-quality and influential presentations that resonate with your audience on a deeper level and you'll gain a new methodology you can apply to your next presentation.

This workshop covers

  • Defining personal gravitas

    Understand what gravitas is and the impact it has on presentations.

  • Building your inner confidence

    Meet your inner coach and inner critic.

  • Finding your voice and and honing your style

    Tone, pause and pace and why they matter.

  • The importance of body language

    Using your stance and positions for influence.

  • Virtual and face-to-face

    What are the differences and how do you master them?

  • Preparation, preparation, preparation

    Rehearsals, managing nerves and planning techniques.

You will gain

  • A greater understanding of how to structure presentations that connect with clients, capture hearts and minds and seal the deal.

  • Knowledge of how to use your body language, facial and vocal expressions for maximum impact so that when you speak, others listen.

  • Top tips for how to prepare for your presentations and how to handle objections calmly and confidently.

  • Techniques for building your inner confidence, self-esteem and connecting with the integrity behind your delivery.

Pricing options

DBA members receive a discount off the standard price. To talk to us about joining the DBA, email [email protected]. Prices include VAT. If you're buying from outside the UK please email [email protected].

Meet your trainer

Catherine Allison

Catherine firmly believes that the way we present ourselves in business can hugely influence people’s impressions of us as individuals and significantly alter perceptions of an agency overall. Improved personal skills – whether it’s presenting in pitches, effective decision-making, communicating with clients or greater presence and gravitas – can have a dramatic effect on an agency’s chances of winning business. It was on this belief that she founded Master the Art, a training consultancy that helps agencies win more business by providing relevant and engaging personal skills training. As a trained actress, she has combined her knowledge of acting with her 20 years agency experience (in client services and business development roles) to develop and lead presentation and communication skills training sessions specifically for those working in an agency environment.

Previous feedback for Catherine

Catherine's energy and enthusiasm for her subject matter was inspiring and she delivered confident, knowledgeable and well-researched sessions at all levels for the staff. She is a skilled trainer and has an ability to make the team comfortable within the sessions and to make sure they get the most out of it whether it be in leading a group session or in a focused one to one session.

Head of Global Operations, SUTTON

Catherine was very warm and engaging and the team found her session very beneficial. Catherine has my highest recommendation and we would definitely use her again.

Studio Manager, Cultureshock Media